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This is the second book in Catherine Bond’s Moon trilogy. I am proud to have copy-edited and proofread Moonmirror and Moonglimmer before they were published, and to have later converted them to e-books. These are classic adventure stories aimed at the 9 – 12 age group, but they’ve been discovered by adults too, perhaps looking for a bit of nostalgia from their own childhoods when they read escapist stories from authors such as E Nesbit and Alan Garner. Now they want their own children to leave aside those digital devices for a while and get captivated by the joys of such books.

This book follows on from the first book in the series, Moonmirror, and describes the further adventures of Ellie, Eddie and Patrick, and the diverse creatures that live in the woods and seas around them, and we meet some new ones. This book is very different from the first: not only are the children visited by a being from the dark side of the moon, but they are instrumental in averting a diplomatic incident with the Russians, and they travel to the bottom of the sea.

Catherine is incredibly inventive and is a superb story teller. Like all authors, though, she needs a professional and an outsider to look it over and make sure that, for example, the spellings are consistent (Gallant’s Bower, or Gallants Bower?), that all the niggly punctuation around the dialogue is in place, and that it’s formatted correctly for the e-book.

My editing work on the third book in the series, Moonlighter, begins shortly. I feel privileged to be able to read it first, and to work with such a talented writer. Catherine says this is the best book of the three, so I can’t wait!

Catherine’s recent interview with the Belfast Telegraph tells us a bit more about the author.